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Dark Oils Capture Essence of Bustling Urbanity from Web Urbanist

Gritty City: Dark Oils Capture Essence of Bustling Urbanity [ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ]

Buy shipyards, city streets, rain-streaked skyscrapers and other iconic staples of cities come alive in this portfolio of shadowy oil paintings.

Valerio D'Ospina captures movement in the strokes of his brush, but the blurred results also take on that uncanny real-yet-indistinct character of a dream or memory, a little like the work of Alexandra Pacura.

Born in Italy, Valerio studied in Florence, painted in Paris and eventually moved to Pennsylvania – his range of industrial subjects reflects studies of historic Europe as well as the infrastructure of the United States.

He was trained to teach, but has since turned toward full-time creation. From his bio: "After this teaching experience he decided to focus exclusively on painting, receiving positive feedback from private collectors and galleries from around the world."

Your Behavior Matters from Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect
Your Behavior Matters
We've all heard the expression that you shouldn't ever judge a book by its cover, and I for one, tend to agree with this expression. I will admit that I DO judge a book by the cover but since I am generally an open-minded sort of person, this "judgment" doesn't normally have a negative or lasting aspect to it if I were to miss on my initial assessment. But what happens if we were to extend the analogy to reading the jacket … is it fair to judge a book based on the authors own description of the book?

I'm going to say "yes" on that one.

I recently did a video interview as part of an ongoing AIA Small Firms Roundtable series. In it, one of the questions I was asked was "Tell us a short story about one of your biggest challenges." Obviously they don't know me very well, I don't tell short stories … I'm more of a "tall tales" sort of person because I'm prone to hyperbole. However…

In Between Chair by & Tradition Wins Muuuz Award

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2Modern BlogIn Between Chair by &Tradition Wins Muuuz Award
Danish lighting and furniture brand &Tradition has won a 2014 Muuuz International Award for its In Between Chair by Finnish-born designer Sami Kallio. The Muuuz awards—an annual collaboration between the French online magazine Muuuz and a consortium of French architects and designers—recognize the best products to arrive on the French market over the previous year. Honored for innovation in furniture design during last week's ceremony in Paris was In Between, a chair in which a combination of traditional wood working techniques and cutting-edge technology were used to achieve its light, sculptural form. Sami Kallio's solid wood and form-pressed veneer design is distinctive for the large cut-out pattern on the chair's back rest, an interplay of shapes defined as much for what's missing as what remains.
Images: And Tradit…

Avant-Garde Cupiditas Table Controllable by Smartphone or Tablet

Famed Blues Artist Inspires Success Against All Odds: Memphis Slim CollaboratoryAvant-Garde Cupiditas Table Controllable by Smartphone or TabletImposing White Silhouette Visually Contrasted by Green Courtyards: Casa KopcheFamed Blues Artist Inspires Success Against All Odds: Memphis Slim Collaboratory

Famed American pianist, blues singer and composer Memphis Slim's lifelong work and personality was celebrated by re-imagining his boyhood home as a music collaboratory, a place for musicians to come together and work in collaboration. Rehearsal rooms, a recording studio and a computer lab ensure the spaces are prepared for any ideas, while workshops and career training opportunities extend the reach of this creative space to the community it serves.
This is what the architects had to say about their finished project: "Peter Chapman, the famed blues singer and pianist better known as Memphis Slim, drew attention for his punishing performing schedule and unorthodox lifestyle. Extr…