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24 Elements of Design from Urbanist

Arguing that design is more art than science, this stunning short video provides a rapid-fire visual tour of principles all aspiring designers should keep in mind.24 Elements of Design Urbanist

Matt Greenwood ties each example into the next, speeding through basics like lines and planes before covering balance, scale, texture, symmetry, then contrasting rules with randomness and much more.

It might not teach you to be a designer in less than a minute, but it does provide a dazzling introduction to basic concepts, showing and not just telling with useful and compelling (if quick) examples.

About the creator: Matt is a "freelance art director & motion designer based in Toronto with over 10 years professional experience. Working with After Effects, Photoshop, illustrator and Cinema 4D, [he] create[s] styleframes, storyboards, hand drawn illustration, 3D animation, matte painting and compositing for both broadcast and film work."

If you are into speed-learning new things (and…

Find out Reasons to Upgrade Your CAD Software for Better Performance

Find out Reasons to Upgrade Your CAD Software for Better Performance Design professionals have a software problem. It's not new. It's been there since we moved from the drafting board to the computer. We all deal with it and the problem has only gotten worse. That problem is keeping up with our software. Some users have addressed this issue by not updating. Ever. They are happy with the version of CAD they are on and see no reason to change. This solution is understandable. Why spend time and money on a slightly different version of what you have when what you have gets the job done? There are several reasons actually and I will take a look at them. In fact, I feel that you should be on a subscription service.
1. File compatibility
The latest version of a program can typically handle older file types. The reverse isn't always true. If you are working on version 2011, opening a 2015 version can be difficult. In fact, in AutoCAD, it is impossible. Companies can use free prog…

Interview between The Edge and Architect Alvin Huang from Synthesis Design + Architecture

Novedge is a proud sponsor of the 2014 ACADIA Conference and I am thrilled to be able to interview Alvin Huang, this year's conference Co-Chair.  Interview between The Edge and Architect Alvin Huang from Synthesis Design + Architecture

Novedge: Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do
Alvin Huang: My name is Alvin Huang, and I am an Architect, Designer, Researcher, and Educator. I lead a small design practice called Synthesis Design + Architecture. I also teach design studios and lead research seminars at the USC School of Architecture where I am a tenure-track Assistant Professor.

Novedge: What is the vision behind Synthesis Design + Architecture?
Alvin Huang: Synthesis is a small boutique design firm that engages design as an opportunity to challenge convention and explore innovative and novel methods of design and fabrication. The name Synthesis is very much inspired by its dictionary definition - we see architecture or design as the bringing together of many different el…

The Azumi House : Japanese-Inspired Retreat

"The Azumi House : Japanese-Inspired Retreat" We love to see how great traditional design is sometimes delivered in the mix of contemporary architecture and The Azumi House by Webb & Brown-Neaves cleverly achieves this task. The lovely Japanese-inspired four bedroom, two bathroom display home in Burns Beach, Perth, Western Australia is original and highly appealing. Priced $449,000, the villa exudes a soothing oriental atmosphere and a powerful indoor-outdoor connection.  Traditional elements stand out in the design scheme: "In synergy with the Japanese art of achieving harmony with nature, the Azumi's iconic shoji screens, water gardens, feature timber ceilings and horizontal detailed windows exude a calming Asian influence.
 Fundamentally a family home, the Azumi is not without Webb & Brown-Neaves sophistication and comfort, featuring a central gourmet kitchen, 5-star master suite, high ceilings and a stately, formal entry". 
A separate …

Mint, Grey and Cream color combinations for your Serene Rooms

Coral is one of those colors that goes with a vast array of shades and style genres. But not all of them have a contemporary, serene sense. Some are loud, some are bold and others make you feel at home, relaxed and stylish. That's why, today, we're shining a light on serene coral combinations. Pairing this delicate tone with mints, greys and creams can get you that modern, trendy and relaxing look you've been searching for. Let's get inspired, shall we?!
Mint, Grey and Cream color combinations for your Serene Rooms
Coral + Mint. Welcomed.
This bedroom is inviting and dainty with its easy colors and soft foundations. The coral isn't overpowering and gives the right amount of compliment. Passionate.
Darker shades will help to create more power, yet still refined style. This nook is cozy and bold. Inviting.

Just a hint of these color duo can bring femininity and touch-ability to a room. Even a living room or patio could use a bout of this comfy sass. Prin…