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Stained Glass Car of the Future from Dominic Wilcox

Stained Glass Car of the Future from Dominic Wilcox
We'll go out on a limb and say that this is a concept that will likely remain just that: Designer Dominic Wilcox introduced a concept car made almost entirely of stained glass at the just-concluded London Design Festival. The designer's Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future is meant to imagine auto travel in an age in which computers control cars well enough to avert all traffic accidents—thereby, rendering both a driver and safety concerns moot. "In the future it will be safer to drive in a driverless car than it will in a manual car," says Wilcox, who was commissioned for the project by design magazine Dezeen and the British car brand MINI. "Therefore we don't need the protection systems that are built into contemporary cars. We can just have a shell of any design." And, conveniently enough, a bed. Wicox outfitted the car's roomy interior, no longer cluttered with traditional controls, with a com…

Handcrafted Walnut Para Hammock Inducing Relaxation and Daydreaming

Handcrafted Walnut Para Hammock Inducing Relaxation and Daydreaming

From time to time, we like to integrate a relaxation-inducing post on here, to help you remember to unwind. Designed by Chaffee Graham of 4th Period Woodshop, the Para Hammock is a highly welcoming, tension-relieving furniture piece. The unconventional swing is made using over 700 pieces of Walnut that are all connected in an integrated and flexible grid via a Para cord. Flexing walnut tiles provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Each piece is handcrafted one by one, providing value and diversity.
The hammock is especially treated and finished to be outdoors and resist all types of weather. Place it between two powerful trees and enjoy a state of relief. Dreaming of a mesmerizing escape? Let this swinging hammock slowly take you away in one gentle, lazy afternoon. Aside from being the perfect place to take a nap or read a book, the Para Hammock is also a beautiful addition to any home or backyard. How would you …

Modern Living Retreat Syncline House in Colorado between the City and the Mountain Park

Syncline House in Colorado between the City and the Mountain Park

Conceived as a threshold between the city and the mountain park, the massive Syncline House developed by Arch11 near Boulder, Colorado is a modern living retreat. The residence was especially envisioned for an entrepreneurial and professional rock climbing couple who simply wanted a place where they could leave the city behind. Throughout the planning process, the architects had to overcome many challenges related to both the construction site and materials employed. To support an envelope comprised of 50% glazing for example, a structural steel frame was used in place of traditional stick framing throughout the home. 
An interplay between openness and privacy dictated the overall design strategy. "The house is a threshold between both the cultural and geologic creases: one between the domestic and the feral, the other between horizontal and vertical. As the entry opens to the living spaces the aperture…

Single Family Residence by Bates Masi Architects in Southampton, New York.

Bates Masi Architects have designed a single family residence in Southampton, New York.

The waterfront site of an existing 1970's kit house overlooks layers of wetlands to an estuary, the bay, and the ocean. The client set the parameters of keeping the existing structure while doubling the size of the house with an addition. The existing structure consists of glulam post and beam construction connected with steel plates. One solution could be to mimic the existing architectural language of the post and beam skeletal structure in the addition. Since the existing house clearly expressed the structural system, the addition should also express this. The architect chose to clearly identify the existing system of the house and create a dialogue with a contrasting panelized system in the addition. The new system utilizes prefabricated elements that resolve multiple structural and spatial problems. Examining the strategy of a kit of parts, current material fabrication technologies are util…

Olle Lundberg: Design is about composition – material, light, form, texture

Novedge: Tell us a bit about who you are and what you doOlle Lundberg: I am the CEO and Design Principal at Lundberg Design, which just celebrated its 27th anniversary in-business.
Novedge: On your website there's a very interesting description of your philosophy. Can you talk about your approach to design and architecture?Olle Lundberg: Design is about composition – material, light, form, texture… and how all of those elements come together into something visually pleasing. We are always looking for new ways to express form – through the use of new materials, new techniques, or through unexpected expressions, such as utilizing repurposed objects.

Architecture is about problem solving – making a space that functions properly. Design is a component of architecture, it is in fact what differentiates architecture from building, but it is only a part. Architecture is about solving practical issues – meeting a building’s functional requirements, creating shelter, providing comfort; the…