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Animation Unfolding - Ben Ridgway with The Edge

The Edge: Ben Ridgway, Animation Unfolding.

Novedge: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Ben Ridgway: My name is Ben Ridgway and I'm an Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University. I have 15 years of professional experience as both a 3D Artist in the video game industry and as a Professor. While in the games industry I helped to create games for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft console systems. I have been making experimental animations since 1992. Novedge: You have a portfolio full of stunning images and animation. Can you walk us through some of your favorite productions?

Ben Ridgway: The thing I'm working on right now is my favorite production. I'm using models that I made for my recent film "Inner Space Artifacts" to make physical sculptures using 3D printing and traditional metal casting techniques. Each model needs to be modified and optimized for printing and casting. It's a time consuming and often tedious process but I'm t…

Designer LED Bulb from Buster + Punch

Designer LED Bulb from Buster + Punch

British design label Buster + Punch have introduced what they claim is 'the world's first designer LED bulb.' Buster Bulb, which bears a passing resemblance to the Plumen 002 Light Bulb, makes use of a patented resin element through which LEDs project ambient and focused light simultaneously, producing the much-desired glow of an old-fashioned incandescent light bulb—but with only 5% of its energy requirement. Presented in a simple teardrop-shaped glass form, the bulb has been given a burnished metallic finish—a choice of gold, smoke, or crystal—that renders it a shining fixture even when not illuminated. Fully dimmable, Buster Bulb may be partnered with a bespoke hanging pendant—available in handsome complementary metallic hues of steel, smoked bronze, or copper—or, most helpfully, may be fitted into any conventional bulb socket.

Artful Contemporary Interior - Apparatus Studio

Artful Contemporary Interior for Manhattan's Apparatus Studio
We wouldn't blame Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, founders of the Manhattan design studio Apparatus, for never wanting to leave work. When a working environment is this inspiring—and inspired—why bother going home? Anderson and Hendifar, who beguiled us at last year's ICFF with their Cloud Chandeliers, conduct business out of a space they term a 'creative laboratory,' though there's hardly a clinical or experimental element in sight. Instead, visitors (by appointment only) are treated to a breathtakingly elegant, highly nuanced, and exactingly arranged collection of contemporary furniture, lighting, and objects, each chosen to complement the designers' own refined creations and passion for both vintage and avant garde details. Just try leaving all that behind at the day's end.
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Vondom Modern Furniture Lights Up Australia's Matisse Beach Club

Posted: 31 Mar 2015 01:14 P…

The Edge-Luca Poian and Forms and Forces of Architecture

The Edge: Luca Poian, Forms and Forces of Architecture.

Novedge: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Luca Poian: I am an Architect, with a passion for new Technologies, creative structural Engineering and Art. I studied Architecture at the at the Technical University in Vienna and at the Venice University of Architecture, where I graduated with Honors in 2003. Prior to starting LUCA POIAN FORMS I worked for several years at Foster and Partners in London and in 2009 I was relocated to Abu Dhabi to work as site Architect on two of the most prestigious projects in the UAE: the Zayed National Museum on Saadiyat Island and the Masdar University, the cornerstone development of the Masdar city masterplan, an Abu Dhabi Government initiative to build the most sustainable city in the world.

Following my experience in the Middle East, in June 2012 I returned to Italy to set up my own design studio, focusing on the relationship between form, materials, emotions and efficiency (in…

Outfitting Your Home For Leisurely Living

Home Extension Heaven: Outfitting Your Home For Leisurely Living

Australian studio MCK Architects were asked to transform a modest bungalow into a dreamy home where the garden would naturally flow inside. The result is magnificent, breaking our mental boxes enough to see this home extension bud and flower under the Australian sun. "On first visiting the site we were met with a modest bungalow perched on a hill overlooking Vaucluse House. The clients were equally modest, simply needing more space for their family with better connection to the garden, sunlight and air." Needles to say the owners got more than their bargained for.

The award-winning architects based in Sydney, Australia, imagined a home inviting to socialization and laughter both indoors and out. They worked in close collaboration with Sydney-based Spirit Level Design in creating a home environment sprinkled with panoramic views of the surrounding garden. This modern bungalow turned dream home conveys a feeling …